Do you have what it takes to train like the world's best for 14 days?


Discover How Your Game Will Transform

Are you ready to accept the CHALLENGE and train like an NBA Pro for Two Weeks?

Transform MY Game in 14 Days

Jordan has trained the world's greatest talent

Alex Caruso

Klay Thompson

Zach LaVine

Julius Randle

Aaron Baynes

Markieff Morris

Carmelo Antony

CJ MCCollum

If Jordan can make these players better...

...imagine what he can do to YOUR game! 

This Transformation you're about to 

Transform MY Game in 14 Days

We GUARANTEE you'll be BLOWN AWAY by the player you've transformed to, otherwise we'll refund you 100% within 30 days of your purchase.

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go on will get you farther ahead in 

2 weeks than all your competition 

will be at in 90+ days!



  1. During the Two Week Transformation, you'll uncover the player you KNOW you're capable of being.

  2. Inside this 14 Day Program, you'll completely LEVEL UP the 5 Core Attributes that make ANY player unstoppable on the court.

  1. 1. Physical Strength: Every player looking to get to the next level needs to be STRONG. Inside Two Week Transformation, Jordan will add NBA level strength to your frame - without making you step foot in the weight room!

  2. 2. Mental Toughness: Kobe called it the "Mamba MENTALITY" for a reason. To maximize your playing potential, you'll need to upgrade your mental toughness and become unshakable - even when the game-winning play is on the line! 

  3. 3. Athleticism & Conditioning: Boosting your stamina and your athleticism is the secret weapon against your competition. Give Jordan 14 days and you'll feel what it's like to RUN and JUMP circles around your competition as they tire out and fade during the game. 

  4. 4. Shooting: Steph Curry changed the game forever by forcing EVERY player - no matter the 'position' they play, to have a smooth stroke. Inside Two Week Transformation, Jordan will share the secrets he uses to help players like Zach LaVine, Julius Randle, and Carmelo Anthony be lethal from anywhere on the court! 

  5. 5. Ball Handling: Watch any NBA Player on the court, and them moving with the ball and breaking defenders' ankles is second nature to them. It's AUTOMATIC. Training with Jordan will develop your handle and give you confidence on the floor that you can get around ANYONE that has the courage to D you up!


Scroll down to see what you'll install in your game each day!

Tangible Metric Day

Measure your initial athleticism!

Day 01

Benchmark shooting, ball handling and finishing!

Ball Handling Focus

Pocket Dribble Variations and Moves 

Day 02

Downhill Dribble Combinations 

Legs and Core Workout

Ball Handling Focus

Day 03

Finishing from Different Attack Angles

Attack Footwork and Moves

Upper Body and Core Work

Ball Handling Focus

Stop Moves (Speed Stop, Under Drag, Punch Drag)

Day 04

Stop Separation Footwork

Legs and Core Work

Shooting Focus

Day 05

Dribble Pull-Up Variations and Combos 

Form Shooting Work

Upper Body and Core Work

Dynamic Scoring Focus

Jab Combos

Day 06

Finishing and Shooting Work

Legs and Core Work

Shooting & Scoring Focus

Day 07

Shot Fake Counter Moves & Finishes

Shot Fake & Attack Combos

Upper Body and Core Work

Finishing Focus

Day 08

Finishing Footwork (Veer, Euro, and More)

Multiple Finishing Combos

Legs and Core Work

Finishing Focus

Spin Control Finishes

Day 09

Mid-line Finishes

Upper Body, Core, and Leg Work

Shooting Focus

Day 10

Shooting Release & Footwork

Form Shooting & Consistency Work

Upper Body, Core, and Leg Work

1v1 Scoring Focus

Dribble Back-Down Attack Moves

Day 11

Face-Up Attack Moves

Upper Body and Core Work

Scoring Focus

Day 12

Under Drag, Punch Drag, Combo Moves

Step-Back Scoring Moves

Upper Body and Core Work

Scoring Focus

Dribble Combination Work

Day 13

Shooting & Finishing Off Different Moves

Upper Body and Leg Work

Tangible Metric Day

Day 14

Assess your FINAL On-Court Tangible Metrics and Compare!

Measure your FINAL Athleticism and Compare!

Week 1

Week 2

Transform MY Game in 14 Days