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Some of Jordan's  PROS 


I'm a former D-1, four-year starter at UC San Diego, where I lead my team to our first ever NCAA tournament!

I went on to play professionally in both Mexico and New Zealand, but truthfully, I’m much more well known, for my training today, than my play a few years back.

I now own my own facility in Irvine, California, where I, along with my incredible staff of trainers, work out with 100s of up-and-coming players like yourself, and more notably, NBA players such as…Klay Thompson, CJ McCollum, Zach Lavine, Carmelo Anthony and Julius Randle to name a few…



From High School phenoms to NBA All-Stars, and even some of the biggest influencers and celebrities rely on Jordan to help them master their skills as efficiently as possible.

Get the same skill training online as the NBA pros who work with Jordan weekly in-person through Jlawbball.com!


Athleticism, speed, agility, body control, strength, and of course, VERTICAL JUMP all play a major role in being an elite basketball player.

Jordan's training focuses on elite skill training while increasing your athleticism making you a complete player.

Expect to become a better athlete while you improve your game!


Jordan doesn't just focus on skillset and athleticism with his elite skill training. He focuses on ALL areas of basketball that will make you great.

Including the areas of the game that matter the MOST, but players (and trainers) don't spend enough time working on because they're considered difficult.

By mastering your mental toughness, basketball IQ, and full-body conditioning. You'll immediately stand out on any court by being smarter, tougher, and better conditioned than your competition. 

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